Hi 👋,

I am Nicolas Teichtweier aka. Nic, TehMightyPotato or Schmiggolas.

I’m a Media Scientist with focus on Games and currently enrolled at Universität Bayreuth. I started M.Sc. Computer-Game-Science - Game Developer in 2020.

My experience ranges from game development in Unity and general web applications to low level implementations of electric engine controllers based on Arduinos. Also, I love theory crunching and discussion about games.

I am also very interested in everything technological and have a broad understanding or at least contextualized knowledge about pretty much anything regarding computers and technology.

Basically, I’m a huge nerd, always eager to learn about new stuff and love talking about games and technology from a scientific point 🤓

My specs:

Languages (from best to worst):

  • 🇩🇪 - German (native)
  • 🇬🇧 - English (B2+/C1)
  • 🌟 - C# (very good)
  • 🍝 - JavaScript (good)
  • 🐍 - Python (good)
  • ☕ - Java (can read it)
  • 🤔 - C++/Arduino (had to learn it, not a big fan)
  • 🏃 - Lua (only if you force me to)

Frameworks (from best to worst):

  • .NET-Core 3.x & .NET 5.x (incl. ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Razor, WebAPI, etc.)
  • Unity3D (Only MonoBehaviour related stuff, I did not have the time to learn DOTS, yet)
  • .NET-Framework 4.x
  • NodeJs
  • Pandas, Keras & TensorFlow

I have/am/are:

  • a big repertoire of games I’ve played 🕹️
  • excellent with Windows and familiar with Linux 🐧
  • familiar with git and git workflows
  • familiar with agile workflows like SCRUM
  • worked with JIRA and similar systems
  • into modding (Monster Hunter: World, 7 Days to Die and Bethesda Games mostly)
  • into pc hardware and architecture (I build my own PCs, and those of my friends… like, a lot)
  • pretty decent guy overall
  • kind of nice most of the time


  • (2020-2021) part-time at https://nirgend.media/ as a software engineer and general “technical problem solver”.
  • (2020-2020) tutor @UniBayreuth for git & SCRUM workflows and Unity Development.
  • (2019-2019) working student/intern at Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH for VR-Development and Arduino based solutions for IAA-Exhibit.
  • (2017-2019) “sysadmin” & software engineer regarding JIRA instance @UniBayreuth.

To contact me just hit me up at any of the social-media platforms linked at the main page or just by mail at contact at mightypotato.de

⚠️ This Website is in no way affiliated with my employer or anyone else besides me. Thoughts are my own! ⚠️